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Peterborough, ON
Tel: 705 742 7472

Dental Clinic Services

Comprehensive Treatment

Looking for regular checkups to find out how your teeth, fillings, and crowns are doing? Let us show and teach you all about dental health!

Family Dentistry

Children young and old! Early dental intervention will result in reduced future dental complications and a healthier person. We cater to your family needs and busy schedules.

Dental Implants

Interested in getting back that tooth that was lost? Come and see whether implants are a viable option. Dr. Lee is certified in surgically placing Nobel Biocare, Pitt Easy, 3M Imtec and Biohorizons implants. He also use micro implants for orthodontic treatment.

Teeth Whitening†

Enhance that smile in one visit! We provide professional teeth whitening for people with a busy schedule. Come visit for more details!

Emergency Treatment†

Can't sleep at night? Is that tooth bothering you? Give us a call at (705) 742-7472 to get you out of pain.


Nervous? Donít worry, we can help with different choices to help you relax during treatment. Nitrous oxide is helpful for many nervous patients. A stronger sedation with nitrous oxide and an oral sedative can also be used for more profound sedation.